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  • Plaster, Ready-Mix: SAMWAL-PL

    Plaster, Ready-Mix: SAMWAL-PL

    SAMWAL-PL is a ready-to-use dry powder requiring only addition of water and produces a high strength mortar with non-shrinking properties. It is a mixture of specially processed cement and carefully graded fine aggregates. Additives impart high water retaining properties and adhesion to substrate. Low water / cement ratio ensures high early and ultimate strengths.

    Advantages :

    Gives very high strength; nearly three times harder than the normal mortar

    Ensures effective bonding and eliminates shrinkage problems associated with conventional cement concrete / mortars

    Provides a uniform micro-cellular material structure and smooth dust-free finish

    No metallic iron content to corrode and cause staining or deterioration due to rust expansion

    Method of Use :

    Clean the surface by removing dust, loose particles, grease, paint and traces of foreign material

    Dampen dry concrete/rendered surfaces wherever necessary before application of SAMWAL-PL

    Add SAMWAL-PL to mixing bucket containing clean portable water

    Mix until an even and consistent mortar is obtained and allow the mixture to stand for 10 minutes for additives to dissolve

    Mix again and paste is ready for use

    Trowel firmly into all edges first and over the entire area

    SAMWAL-PL must be cured immediately, as soon as the surface slightly stiffens, for a minimum period of 72 hours

    Recommended Applications :

    Plastering on interior and exterior walls

    Plastering on ceilings

    Patch-and-repair works

    Treatment of holes or depressions in concrete floor slabs in factories, godowns, commercial or domestic buildings etc.

  • Repairing Mortar, Epoxy-Base: SAMMOR®-E

    Repairing Mortar, Epoxy-Base: SAMMOR®-E

    SAMMOR®-E is a blend of silica aggregates together with epoxy resin designed for speedy and permanent repair to concrete.

    Advantages :

    Ensures early initial hardness and minimizes maintenance disruption

    Provides chemical-resistance to a wide range of acids, alkalis and industrial chemicals

    Excellent resistance to abrasion; 3 to 4 times stronger than typical concrete

    Cured surface is impermeable to water

    Method of Use :

    To produce a trowelable mortar, mix entire quantity of SAMMOR®-E

    Apply the prepared mix with a steel trowel and press firmly into primed cracks / surface to ensure positive adhesion

    Recommended Applications :

    Spilled or cracked concrete structures

    Bedding of pre-cast concrete beams

    Repair of concrete structures of acid tanks, sea walls, industrial floors in plating shops, chemical handling and process areas

  • Micro-Concrete, Cementitious: SAMCRETE-MC

    Micro-Concrete, Cementitious: SAMCRETE-MC

    SAMCRETE-MC is a ready-to-use dry powder requiring only the addition of water and produces a high strength micro-concrete with free-flow and non-shrink properties. The material is a mixture of specially processed cement and carefully graded fine aggregates. Additives impart controlled expansion characteristics and reduce water. Low water / cement ratio ensures high early and ultimate strengths.

    Advantages :

    Gaseous expansion system compensates for shrinkage problems and maintains its original volume during curing

    Controlled expansion ensures surface contact after setting

    Develops exceptionally high ultimate strength combined with dense impermeable structure

    Provides trouble-free performance

    Facilitates rapid installation and early operation of plant

    No metallic iron content to corrode and cause staining or deterioration due to rust expansion

    It imparts high frost, fire and oil resistance

    Method of Use :

    Mix dry SAMCRETE-MC with recommended quantity of water for minimum 3 minutes

    Recommended Applications :

    Rehabilitation of load bearing components like beam, columns etc

    Repair of marine structures, water

  • Grout, Epoxy-base, Injectable: SAMCRETE®-EP-3

    Grout, Epoxy-base, Injectable: SAMCRETE®-EP-3

    SAMCRETE®-EP-3 is a two pack system - base and hardener - for injection grouting.

    Advantages :

    High flexural strength and adhesion substrate ensures excellent performance under dynamic operating conditions

    Provides rapid installation and strength gain

    Minimum creep helps in early commissioning of plant

    Effective where mechanical properties and chemicals resistance to a wide range of chemicals, acids and alkalies are required

    Resistant to water and frost

    Method of Use :

    Surface Preparation :

    *Clean the surface of oil, grease, loose particles etc.

    *Wash all substrate with clean water and let it dry

    *For under-plate grouting the gap between the perimeter form work and the plate edge should not exceed 15 mm on the pouring side and 50 mm on the opposite side

    Mix Preparation :

    *Pour entire contents of hardener into base container and mix until it becomes homogenous

    *Place the mix into force action mixer

    *Injection Grouting: Cut a ‘V’ shape groove by a mechanical saw

    *Insert 12 mm diameter injection nipples at 100mm c/c, or as recommended by engineer in-charge, and 30 mm to 40 mm deep along the crack line and plug with SAMSEAL-EP

    *Inject by means of suitable gun or pump at pressure of 6 to 7 kg/sq.m. and increase pressure gradually

    *Plug the nipples as soon as injection of grouting is completed

    Recommended Applications :

    Support beneath crane and transporter rails

    High speed turbines and centrifuges, drop forges

    Reciprocating machinery and other operating or test equipment subject to heavy dynamic or mobile loads

    Injection grouting

  • Grouting Admixture: SAMCRETE-225

    Grouting Admixture: SAMCRETE-225

    SAMCRETE®-225 is a plasticized grouting admixture.

    Advantages :

    SAMCRETE®-225 has expanding properties and it ensures permanent contact and high bond to entire grouted surfaces

    Plasticizing effect facilitates placement and injection

    Assists in grouting of free water pockets and bleeding

    Resistant to frost and fire damages

    No metallic iron content to corrode and cause staining or deterioration due to rust expansion in the grout

    Method of Use :

    Grouting Mix :

    *Fill exact amount of specified water in a power operated grout mixer

    *Whilst mixing continuously, slowly add neat cement mix to the water

    *At the same time sprinkle SAMCRETE®-225

    *Mix complete grout for 3-5 minutes until thorough dispersion is achieved

    *After that, pass all grout through a 5mm sieve to remove lumps

    Mortar or Concrete Filling Mix :

    *Fill water and sand in the mixer

    *Whilst mixing continuously, add SAMCRETE®-225 slowly

    *After mixing thoroughly, add the cement and continue mixing for 3-5 minutes

    Recommended Applications :

    Bed grouting, duct grouting, non-shrink in-filling and jointing

    Pressure grouting of tunnels and shaft lining

  • Crack Sealant: SAMBOND®-CF

    Crack Sealant: SAMBOND®-CF

    SAMBOND®-CF is a ready to use flexible crack sealant recommended for concrete repairing.

    Advantages :

    Easy to seal cracks in masonry wall, beams, columns and concrete structure

    Resists development of further crack due to minor movements

    Method of Use :

    Make a 3 to 5 mm wide and maximum 10 mm deep groove along the crack with cutting machine

    Clean it with blower. Seal cracks with SAMBOND®-CF

    Recommended Applications :

    Use as crack-sealant in concrete structures

    Concrete substrates

    Masonry works

    Plaster patch-and-repair works

    Stone works

  • Concrete Bonding Agent (SBR): SAMBOND®-AE

    Concrete Bonding Agent (SBR): SAMBOND®-AE

    SAMBOND®-AE is a powerful old to new concrete bonding agent recommended for use as a brush-applied primer for cementitious repairing, apart from use in mortar mixes designed for patch-and-repair works.

    Advantages :

    Provides excellent bond to concrete, masonry, stone-work, plaster and boards

    Improves Tensile and Compressive Strengths

    Aids in curing and is also effective as a curing membrane

    Reduces water loss and is also good in hydration

    Retains bond strength for longer time

    Permits longer intervals between primer application and repair work

    Method of Use :

    Priming :

    *Damp the concrete substrate and brush-apply SAMBOND®-AE on the surface

    *Apply repairing mortar / topping while the substrate surface is still tacky

    Mortar/ Plaster Mix Preparation :

    *Pour SAMBOND®-AE (4% of cement) in water and stir

    *Slowly add this solution to dry mix while go on mixing

    *Apply the mortar/ plaster mix so prepared as usual for better results

    Old to New Concrete Jointing :

    *Add 1 kg SAMBOND®-AE into 1 liter of water and stir well

    *Add cement to this solution to make it slurry

    *Apply this slurry on old concrete surface and immediately cast new concrete

    Recommended Applications :

    Use as a Primer in the following repairs :

    *Concrete substrates

    *Plaster patch-and-repair works

    *Concrete Construction Joints

    *Masonry works

    *Block boards

    *Stone works

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