Mould Releasing Agents


  • Mould Releasing Agent: SAMOULD LIQUID

    Mould Releasing Agent: SAMOULD LIQUID

    SAMOULD LIQUID is a specially formulated blend of mineral oils and chemicals having superior release properties.

    Advantages :

    Provides quick, clean and easy stripping of mould and framework

    Ensures high quality fair-faced and strain-free concrete

    Prevents adhesion of the cement paste to the shutter face

    Allows air to escape from the face when the concrete being poured and vibrated, thereby saving time and money

    Preserve uniformity in surface texture and color

    Using SAMOULD LIQUID is economical due to high rate of coverage

    Method of Use :

    No surface preparation is necessary for new moulds

    But for used moulds, all traces of cement must be removed together with any surface deposit of previous oils

    Stir SAMOULD LIQUID thoroughly

    SAMOULD LIQUID can be applied by brush, sponge or conventional mould oil-sprayer

    Apply one coat of SAMOULD LIQUID thinly and evenly over the entire surface

    Brush-wipe-off any particles that remain on the surface

    Again apply one coat of SAMOULD LIQUID as previous

    Recommended Applications :

    Ideal for use with steam cured concrete

    Ideal for wooden or metal form-work surface

    Effective on GRP and resinous coated surface with white cement

  • Mould Releasing Agent, Concentrated: SAMOULD EMULSION

    Mould Releasing Agent, Concentrated: SAMOULD EMULSION

    SAMOULD EMULSION is a chemical agent with outstanding release properties. It reacts with alkali in the concrete to form a thin water repellent skin on the surface of the mould thereby enabling easy stripping from the hardened concrete.

    Advantages :

    Being non-staining, requires no cleaning of unsightly oil stains if plastering is not required

    Produces fair-faced concrete

    Minimizes cleaning of form faces between pours

    Reduces storage and transport cost

    Method of Use :

    Apply a very thin coat of SAMOULD EMULSION to the face of the form, coat by spray, brush or cloth and allow it to dry thoroughly

    If form work is not used for several days, a further coat may be applied

    Recommended Applications :

    For wooden or metal form work surface

    For resinous coated surface with white cement

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