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  • Sealant, Epoxy-Base: SAMSEAL®-EP-1

    Sealant, Epoxy-Base: SAMSEAL®-EP-1

    SAMSEAL®-EP-1 is an Epoxy-base chemical resistant versatile sealant available in paste form as SAMSEAL®-EP-1 Part 1 and SAMSEAL®-EP-1 Part 2.

    Advantages :

    Provides excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of industrial chemicals and gases

    Sealing membrane is hard with excellent adhesion to all types of metal and cementitious surfaces

    It is hard-wearing, hygienic, and yet attractive with cosmetic finish

    Method of Use :

    Take required quantities of SAMSEAL®-EP-1 Part 1 and SAMSEAL®-EP-1 Part 2 in equal proportion and mix till it becomes homogeneous

    It is ready for sealing dry gaps or surfaces

    Use the mix immediately as it sets to a hard mass within 60 minutes (minimum)

    Recommended Applications :

    Repairing broken floors, fixing tiles, dowel pins and nails, building-up broken/chipped parts

    Repairing leaking MS or RCC tanks, over-head flush-tanks, metal buckets etc.

    Patching corroded casings of water coolers, air-conditioners, refrigerators etc.

    Jointing or building-up broken or chipped parts of household items like chinaware, pressure-cooker handles etc.

    Holding window-panes and filling gaps between door & window-frames and walls etc.

    Sealing leakages through cracks or joints in tin or AC roof sheets.

    Filling gaps in wooden furniture to prevent wobbling

    Sealing leakages in radiators and diesel / petrol tanks

    Making-up dents in metal surfaces of automobiles before painting

    Sealing leakages of pipelines, tap connections etc.

    Sealing loose electric connections as an insulating medium

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