Curing Compounds


  • Concrete Bonding Agent, Epoxy-Base: SAMBOND®-EP

    Concrete Bonding Agent, Epoxy-Base: SAMBOND®-EP

    SAMBOND®-EP is a solvent-free Epoxy concrete bonding agent available in two parts.

    Advantages :

    Bonds new cementitious materials to existing (old) cementitious surface

    Offers excellent adhesive strength to concrete

    Method of Use :

    Pour the entire content of hardener into the resin container

    Mix the two materials thoroughly until a uniform color is obtained

    Brush-apply mixed SAMBOND®-EP to the prepared surface

    Apply new concrete within 16 hrs at 20°C and within 6 hrs at 35° C to the substrate coated with SAMBOND®-EP

    Recommended Applications :

    Bonding new cementitious materials to existing (old) cementitious surface

    Horizontal and vertical surfaces where mortar or concrete can be supported by form work

    Repairing and extensions to structural concrete in factories, loading bays, bridges, roads, bonded or granolithic floor toppings etc.

  • Concrete Bonding Agent, Acrylic-Base: SAMBOND®-AR

    Concrete Bonding Agent, Acrylic-Base: SAMBOND®-AR

    SAMBOND®-AR is a powerful Acrylic-base concrete bonding agent recommended for use as a brush-applied primer for cementitious repairing. It is also most effective in mortar mixes designed for patch-and-repair works, apart from old to new concrete jointing.

    Advantages :

    Provides excellent bond to concrete, masonry and stone works, plaster and boards

    Improves Tensile and Compressive Strengths

    Aids in curing and is very useful as a curing membrane

    Reduces water loss and is also good in hydration

    Retains bond strength for a longer time

    Permits longer intervals between primer application and repairing work

    Method of Use :

    Priming :

    *Damp the concrete substrate and brush-apply SAMBOND®-AR on the surface

    *Apply repairing mortar / topping while the substrate surface is stiIl tacky

    Mortar / Plaster Mix :

    *Pour SAMBOND®-AR (0.5 kg to 1.0 kg per 50 kg of cement) in water and stir

    *Slowly add this solution to dry mix while go on mixing

    *Apply the mortar / plaster mix so prepared as usual for better results

    Old to New Concrete Jointing :

    *Add 1 kg SAMBOND®-AR into 1 liter of water and stir well

    *Add cement to this solution to make it a slurry

    *Apply this slurry on old concrete surface and immediately cast new concrete

    Recommended Applications :

    Use as a Primer in the following repairing works :

    *Concrete substrates

    *Plaster patching-and-repairing works

    *Concrete Construction Joints

    *Masonry works

    *Block boards

    *Stone works

  • Curing Compound: SAMCURE WHITE

    Curing Compound: SAMCURE WHITE

    SAMCURE WHITE is a water / wax-base concrete curing compound

    Advantages :

    Forms a moisture barrier for whole of the curing period

    Eliminates use of water, hessian or sand completely

    Ensures cement hydration efficiently

    Minimizes risk of drying, shrinkage, cracks and dusty surfaces

    Method of Use :

    SAMCURE WHITE is a ready to use liquid which can be applied by brush or spray-coating

    Recommended Applications :

    Concrete pavements, roads and bridges

    Canal linings

    Airport runways and harbor / port and bridge-decks

    Tall and sloping structures like chimneys and towers

    Pre-cast piles, pipes and other pre-cast components

    Dams and retaining wall structures

    Concrete work difficult to reach or inaccessible for normal curing method

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